Inverter Delta HES Series

Delta’s Hybrid Energy Saving (HES) System provides precise pressure and flow controls for each injection molding process and also solves the energy waste issues of a traditional injection molding machine. This solution helps to improve product quality, market competitiveness and productivity.


  • Injection Molding Machine
  • Die Casting Machine
  • Hydraulic Machine


  • Superior Energy-Saving Outcomes: Lower energy consumption rate at the clamping and cooling stage while providing high productivity and high precision. 40% less energy consumption compared to a variable pump hydraulic systems. 60% less energy consumption compared to a traditional quantitative pump hydraulic system.
  • Low Oil Temperature: Oil temperature reduced by 5~10℃; oil usage reduced by 50~60%; requires 50% less oil tank volume; lower cooler specifications required and for some cases cooler is not required.
  • High Duplication Accuracy: Precise flow and pressure control featuring duplication of products with less than 0.09% difference.
  • Long Holding Pressure: Keeps mold halves securely closed for a longer period for thick plastic products formation.
  • Good Frequency Response: When uses Delta HES with permanent magnetic servo motor (PMSM) speeds up frequency response to 50ms.
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments: The resolver used in Delta HES is resistant to earthquakes, oil and dust.
  • Old Machine Replenishment: Supports analog command 0~10V and linear correction (3 points), no replacing.
  • Flow Convergence: Saves cost on tubes, large flow capacity, enhances energy-saving.

System Structure

Convergent Flow Multiple Pumps

Flow Capacity Switch

Convergent Flow/Divergent Flow

Model Name Hes
specification hes-1
specification hes-2
HES063H23C VFD110VL23A06HC HESP-063-H-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES080H23C VFD150VL23A08HC HESP-080-H-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES100H23C VFD150VL23A10HC HESP-100-H-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES125H23C VFD220VL23A12HC HESP-125-H-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES160H23C VFD300VJ23C16HC HESP-160-H-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES200H23C VFD300VJ23C20HC HESP-200-H-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES250G23C VFD370VJ23C25GC HESP-250-G-NC23 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES063H43C VFD110VJ43C06HC HESP-063-H-NC43 Item: A. C. D. E
HES080H43C VFD150VJ43C08HC HESP-080-H-NC43 Item: A. C. D. E
HES100H43C VFD185VJ43C10HC HESP-100-H-NC43 Item: A. C. D. E
HES125H43C VFD220VJ43C12HC HESP-125-H-NC43 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES160H43C VFD300VJ43C16HC HESP-160-H-NC43 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES200H43C VFD300VJ43C20HC HESP-200-H-NC43 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES250M43C VFD550VJ43C25MC HESP-250-M-NC43 Item: A. C. Dx3. E
HES320M43C VFD550VJ43C32MC HESP-320-M-NC43 Item: A. C. Dx3. E

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