CANopen Communication Devices

  • Flexible configuration
  • Supports CANopen DS301 and DSP402 protocols
  • Conducts multi-axis, high-speed and intricate motion control by max. baudrate 1M bps

Features & Benefits :

  • For DVP-EH3-L, DVP-MC, DVP-SA2, SE, SV2, SX2 Series PLC only
  • Supports CANopen protocol
  • Connectable to 110 slaves
  • Max. baudrate: 1M bps
  • Max. network length: 1,000m

Specifications :

  • Transmission method: CAN
  • Connector: Removable, 5.08mm
  • Serial baudrate: 10k, 20k, 50k, 125k, 250k, 500k, 800k, 1M bps
  • Message type: PDO, SDO, SYNC, Emergency, NMT
  • Power supply voltage: 24 VDC (-15 to 20%)
  • Power consumption: 1.7 W
  • Electrical isolation: 500 VDC


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